Setup Remark42 Instance on Your Server

Installation in Docker

This is the recommended way to run Remark42

  • copy provided docker-compose.yml and customize for your needs
  • make sure you don't keep ADMIN_PASSWD=something... for any non-development deployments
  • pull prepared images from the Docker Hub and start - docker-compose pull && docker-compose up -d
  • alternatively, compile from the sources - docker-compose build && docker-compose up -d

Installation with Binary

  • download archive for the stable release
  • unpack with gunzip (Linux, macOS) or with zip (Windows)
  • run as remark42.{os}-{arch} server {parameters...}, i.e., remark42.linux-amd64 server --secret=12345 --url=
  • alternatively compile from the sources - make OS=[linux|darwin|windows] ARCH=[amd64,386,arm64,arm]

Setup on Your Website

Add config for Remark on a page of your site (here is the full reference):

  • REMARK_URL – the URL where is Remark42 instance is served, passed as REMARK_URL to backend
  • YOUR_SITE_ID - the SITE that you passed to Remark42 instance on start, remark by default.
var remark_config = {
host: 'REMARK_URL',
site_id: 'YOUR_SITE_ID',

For example:

var remark_config = {
host: '',
site_id: 'remark',

After that place the code snippet right after config.

<script>!function(e,n){for(var o=0;o<e.length;o++){var r=n.createElement("script"),c=".js",d=n.head||n.body;"noModule"in r?(r.type="module",c=".mjs"):r.async=!0,r.defer=!0,"/web/"+e[o]+c,d.appendChild(r)}}(remark_config.components||["embed"],document);</script>

Put the next code snippet on a page of your site where you want to have comments:

<div id="remark42"></div>

After that widget will be rendered inside this node.

For more information about frontend configuration please learn about other parameters here
If you want to set this up on a Single Page App, see the appropriate doc page.

Quick installation test

To verify if Remark42 has been properly installed, check a demo page at ${REMARK_URL}/web URL. Make sure to include remark site ID to the ${SITE} list.

Build from the source

  • to build Docker container - make docker. This command will produce container umputun/remark42
  • to build a single binary for direct execution - make OS=<linux|windows|darwin> ARCH=<amd64|386>. This step will produce an executable remark42 file with everything embedded