Site URL migration

Here is an example of how to move your comments after your posts are moved, from<slug> to<slug> in that example.

Rules file

First, you must create a rules file in the remark's /var folder.

Format is simply old_url new_url like following:

Applying the remap

After rules file is ready, run the following command:

remark42 remap --admin-passwd <password> -f var/rules

If running in a docker container, the command becomes:

docker ps # to find the container name
docker exec -it <container> remark42 remap --admin-passwd <password> -f var/rules


  1. The command above sends a request to start the remap job. You can see the job execution logs by running:
docker logs <container>
  1. If you see in logs an entry similar to export failed with site ",site2" not found, please run the command again and specify desired site with command line arguments. For example:
docker exec -it <container> remark42 remap --admin-passwd <password> -f var/rules --site